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PACE Licenses

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Delivery Items
IBE GmbH transfers to the user a loadable and executable version of the simulator development environment PACE2008 with complete documentation for installation and usage with MS Windows.

A delivery is made via the internet and consists of the PACE delivery file and the PACE license document. The PACE delivery file is a Zip file copy of the PACE CD and contains:

  • The PACE installation programs.
  • Starter, Smalltalk primer, user manual, cookbook, fuzzy manual, optimization manual, interface manual. The documentation is available almost exclusively in PDF format.
  • Numerous examples, samples, model descriptions and development reports.
  • Delivery conditions.

A PACE CD can be ordered alternatively.

Target Systems

Windows 2000
Windows Xp
Windows Vista
Windows System 7


For every license, PACE may be installed on exactly one single PC and used only on this one machine. If several PCs have to be equipped with PACE, a separate license must be acquired for each PC.

No licence is required for executing PACE applications or PACE simulation models. All PACE models can be loaeded and executed with the PACE-Demo-Version. Also for the delivery or sale of PACE models by model developers no extra charge is requested if before the delivery either the model has been frozen (work version) or the license has been deleted. In both cases the model can be operated without any restrictions but is no longer alterable.

There are also further licenses which are offered on request:

License for networks
Compus License for schools and universities

Prices on inquiry


PACE can be ordered with the following form:


Delivery Conditions

All prices mentioned in this price list are net and are valid plus sales tax (if applicable). The license and warranty conditions are enclosed in every delivery. By a purchase the customer acquires a single, nontransferable right for the use of the delivery software item (DSI) PACE.

Fields with * are required.

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