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The activities to be carried out in an application of PACE can roughly be seen in the following order:

knowledge acquisition and analysis > modeling > simulation and verification > optimization.

Before the use of PACE, the problem formulation must first be analyzed and specified exactly. The specification is then converted by the activity "modeling" into a copy (simulation model) which is both statically and dynamically identical to the real or planned system. In the simulation and verification phase which follows, the modeling and the dynamic identity of the copy, that is to say, the model, with the original has to be verified. The specification and the model must, if necessary, be revised to reflect the results of the simulation runs, either because the specification still contains errors or because certain requirements cannot be fulfilled. Once the simulation and verification phase has been completed, the model can be used for experiments to find the optimal parameter setting, among other things, with regard to predefined criteria (e.g., minimal costs, minimal resources under 'just in time' restrictions, etc.).

IBE advises and supports the customer during the execution of the above-mentioned activities for the automation and improvement of its business processes, production processes, logistics applications, communication systems, traffic systems etc..

IBE also takes over the development of complete models. The development of submodels can also be ordered if the customer takes on other parts of the model development himself.

Fixed price quotations are possible if the volume of work is well specified.

Prices on inquiry.

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